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Exterior & Interior Lighting Service & Upgrades

Heartland Sign technicians can upgrade or diagnose your signs and lighting. With over 30 years of experience we've seen it all. If you have sign or lighting, we make it simple!

LED Conversions

Heartland Signs can convert your fluorescent lamp illuminated sign cabinets to energy efficient, low maintenance LED modules.

On average, LED lights, especially those with ENERGY STAR ratings, use at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Over time, this will save you a lot of money on electricity consumption.

Parking Lot Lighting upgrades & Service

Whether your facility’s goal is to reduce annual energy costs or keeping drivers and individuals walking to their cars safe at night Heartland Sign & Lighting can do it. 

Safety is only one of several reasons to improve lighting in parking lots. But the safety of employees and customers is enough. A major study in New York City found that improved outdoor lighting reduced crime by 39%. 

Electrical Repairs

If electrical repair is what you need, our trained and licensed technicians will arrive on-site with a fully equipped vehicle to repair any type of sign issues you have. Problems are diagnosed quickly and accurately to ensure your sign and/or lights are back in working condition as quickly as possible.


Our experienced technicians can come over for a low flat rate, diagnose the issue and provide a repair estimate. Some customers prefer to provide a “not to exceed” (NTE) budget that allows us to diagnose and perform repairs up to the authorized NTE amount which can speed up the process and eliminate the need for a second visit.

Fluorescent, Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Lamp & Ballast Replacement

Lighting outages not only make your business drab and dark, it also causes safety risks and liability issues. Heartland Sign technicians can diagnose and repair metal halide or High Pressure Sodium exterior parking lot and building lighting as well as perform time clock service and photocell repairs and replacements quickly, to keep your property safe and sound.

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